The project's aim: to find, to imagine, the edge of forbidden feminine power, the border of tabooed beauty, that suddenly turns out to be absolutely natural. Not nature itself, but as close to it as possible. A beauty that could ensoul the world around it without breaking the erotic component. Increasingly it seems that humankind is foreign to the Earth. That he is trash. That his beauty is doubtful. That he is akin to the disorder that he leaves wherever he goes. Possibly so. But not in these photos. The idea was simple in its shape. The naked model here is like a seed swelling in the soil - in a friendly environment it is harmonious and easy; in a hostile environment it is edgy and argumentative. But in both cases it struggles. Like a strained bowstring it looks for the exit. And in its way it germinates through the world. And another thing. She doesn't seek to be the center of attention. She doesn't wish to be the main character of the plot. She doesn't want to be erotic, neither in the aesthetic nor the ethical meaning of the word. Rather, she's waiting. For someone or something. Literally swooning like a young virgin waiting for her first penetration. And in that moment she's replete with a fundamental erotic nature. Primordial omnipotent Eros, giving birth to everything that exists. And then the landscape is not just a piece of nature and the interior is not just a remainder of civilization's activity. This complicated lost world has one more try. It has a future again. Nobody knows what it will be yet. And it doesn't matter if it will be beautiful or apocalyptic. Maybe that is how the vital force of the feminine side of nature makes itself evident. Nature, which is not human, but is nonetheless the mother. That is life itself.
© Alexander Kamakaev, 2005-2023